Wissink Memorial Lecture

This lectureship memorializes the contributions to health physics and to the North Central Chapter of Mankato native Robert Wissink.  Bob began his study in health physics at the University of Rochester as an AEC Health Physics Fellow.  Following the completion of a Master's Degree in Health Physics, Bob taught physics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  When the AEC demonstration reactor at Elk River, Minnesota, was commissioned, Bob served as the Manager of Radiological Physics.  Bob joined 3M in 1964 and created the 3M health physics program where he served as manager and Corporate RSO until his retirement in 1996.

Bob was a Charter member of the North Central Chapter.  His signature is present on the Charter application.  Bob served as the first Secretary of the Chapter during the 1969-1970 Chapter year.  Bob was elected as the fourth President of the Chapter in 1972.

Bob's service to the Health Physics Society included serving as the Local Arrangements Committee co-chair for the 1978 annual meeting in Minneapolis.  He served on numerous Society committees.  He was elected to the Society's Board of Directors and served from 1978-1981.  In 1990, Bob was recognized for his contributions to the Society through selection as a Fellow of the Society.

In addition to participating in Health Physics Society activities, Bob was also participated in the NCRP and was a member of Scientific Committee 46, Operational Radiation Safety.

Following Bob's untimely death in 1997, his life long service to health physics and to the North Central Chapter were memorialized through the establishment of this annual lectureship.

Year Recipient
2014 Paul Frame
2011 Cynthia Jones
2010 William J. Angell
2009 Pat Zanzonico
2007 Michael Bailey
2006 Mark Peters
2005 Evan Douple
2004 Al Wiley
2003 Kevin Nelson
2002 Clark Erickson
2001 Paul Zeimer