January 2001

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  Jan Braun
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Note from the Editor
Jan Braun

You may be wondering why you received this newsletter via email. Actually there are several reasons which I will state briefly. The main reasons this issue was sent electronically were to save time and money. I was able to reduce the amount of time I spent getting this to the point of being mailed. The time and expense of duplicating and then mailing via U.S. mail was eliminated. I have not settled on a particular format since this is the first time this has been done for our newsletter. I also plan to have the newsletters available on the chapter website. Your feedback on a few items is needed so please respond, your feedback is important.

North Central Chapter Science Teacher Award
Science Teacher Award Committee

The North Central Chapter of the Health Physics Society has instituted a Science Teacher Award recognizing outstanding teaching in the area of radiation safety and health physics.

The award consists of a recognition plaque and $500.00 gift to the Science Department of their school. The award recipient will be given up to $300.00 travel expense to be a guest speaker at the Spring Chapter meeting where the award will be presented. The award recipient's application shall also be submitted as a nominee for the National Health Physics Society Science Teacher Award.

Any science teachers, grades 6-12, in the states represented by our Chapter area are eligible if supported by a chapter member. Candidate applications should include the following:

Please send candidate applications to any of the Science Teacher Award Committee members listed below before January 31, 2001.

Your help is needed in order to publicize this award. It's time to get the word out and recognize teachers that have been outstanding in their efforts to teach radiation science. Potential candidates may be found at school conferences, through your company's educational programs, or through your states Teacher Association (check out their web site). Educators that have attended the Teacher Workshops conducted in the past are also a source for good candidates.

Science Teacher Award Committee

Cynthia Horn
15284 71st Place North
Maple Grove, MN 55311
(612) 420-9765

Doug Gossen, Ph.D.
Lakeshore Technical College
Health Physics Department
1290 North Avenue
Cleveland, WI 53015-1414
(414) 458-4183

Kermit Paulson
Physics Department
University of Wisconsin, River Falls
410 South 3rd Street
River Falls, WI 54022-5001
(715) 425-3235

Irene Patrek
Beckman Coulter
1000 Lake Hazeltine Drive
Chaska, MN 55318
(612) 368-1211

Minnesota Safety Council Event - March 15, 2001
Envisioning Occupational Health & Safety Practice in the New Millennium
Speaker: Deborah V. DiBenedetto, MBA, RN, COHN-S/CM, ABDA

Deborah V. DiBenedetto is President of DVDiBenedetto &Associates, Ltd., and Executive Vice President Professional Services for Care Management, Inc. (CMGT), located in Scottsdale, AZ. She is also President of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN). Deborah has worked in the manufacturing, transportation, and service industries and was one of the first insurance rehabilitation specialists (now called case managers) during the 1970's and 80's. Deborah is an internationally known professional in the field of occupational health and disability management. She is the lead author of the OEM Occupational Health & Safety Manual along with two physician co-authors, and is working on two books: one on Workers' Compensation and disability case management, and occupational health principles for the 21st century which will be published in 2001. She is a certified occupational health nurse specialist/case manager (COHN-S/CM) and Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomat for the American Board of Disability Analysts (ABDA).

Topic Description:

This session will discuss current business and economic indicators that will impact the practice and delivery of occupational health and safety services in the 21st Century. The presentation will address the areas of future occupational health and safety practice, the value of interdisciplinary working relationships, potential roles of the various professional organizations in supporting members, and professional opportunities and resources necessary for achieving success in the field of occupational health and safety in the new millennium.


Buffet dinner:

Place: Holiday Inn, 2201 Burns Ave. St. Paul, 651/731-2220


Fall Meeting Synopsis
Trent Mays

On October 27, 2000 members of the North Central Chapter of the Health Physics Society held their fall meeting at the University of Minnesota Arboretum in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Affiliates sponsoring the one-day meeting were Holaday Industries, Landauer, Inc., and Research Products International Corporation. Duane Hall, recently retired from 3M Corporation, welcomed the group to the 63rd edition in an unbroken string of spring and fall meetings with a brief history of the North Central Chapter. Duane extracted noteworthy dates and events from the mountains of records, minutes and other documents, highlighting the contributions of numerous individuals to local and national issues throughout the last three decades. Ron Bresell followed with a technical presentation that walked the group through the detailed Data Quality Objective process as applied to the decommissioning of a University of Wisconsin, Madison radioactive waste storage facility. The morning was capped off with an address from HPS President Elect George Anastas. George provided an overview of some of the recent Health Physics Society accomplishments and current actions, recognizing the contribution of local chapters and standing committee volunteers and calling for continued input from the chapters. The newly emerging Radiation Safety without Borders program was introduced as a specific way that chapters can contribute by sharing expertise and information across national boundaries. George concluded his talk with a brief description of the Weibull Function and its role in the prediction of unsafe acts. After lunch the Fall Business Meeting was held. The chapter increased the scope of the Science Teacher Workshop Committee, renaming it the Science Education Committee. The chapter award was presented to the members of the Science Teacher Award Selection Committee (Cynthia Horn, Doug Gossen, Irene Patrick and Kermit Paulson) for acknowledgment of their work in initiating an effective process to select and recognize a local science teacher for outstanding teaching in the area of radiation safety and health physics. New Chapter President Pete Wildenborg, President Elect Greg Smith, and Council Members Irene Patrick and Gary Yarrow took office at the end of the Business Meeting. To open the afternoon technical sessions, Dr. Daniel Steck of St. Johns University provided an excellent review of the Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study published in the April, 2000 issue of Epidemiology. Kelly Classic of Mayo Clinic and Mike Hinz of 3M Corporation called for audience participation in a short quiz about laser hazards, and presented a summary of recent literature addressing the hazards associated with laser pointing devices. Brian Vetter of the University of Minnesota brought the afternoon to a close by describing health physics concerns associated with the operation of a mobile positron emission tomography facility.

Business Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2000
University of Minnesota Arboretum, Chanhassen, MN
Anne Harri

Called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Dee Ann Kaiser, NCCHPS President.

1. The Spring Meeting minutes which were distributed in the October '00 Newsletter were accepted with no corrections.

2. Anne Harri presented the Secretary-Treasurer's report.

As of October 29, 2000:  
Checking balance


Savings balance


Money Market funds balance




Membership is:

109 full members

13 emeritus members

5 student members

16 affiliate members


3. Affiliates sponsoring the Fall Meeting were thanked: Holaday Instruments, Landauer, Inc. and Research Products International Corp.

4. The spring meeting in Winona, MN was awarded 4.0 continuing education credits, course #2000-04-008.

5. The new NCC officers taking their positions at this meeting were introduced:

Pete Wildenborg - President
Greg Smith-President - Elect
Gary Yarrow and Irene Patrek - Executive Council
Remaining officers are:
Anne Harri - Sec'y-Treasurer
Trent Mays and Dan McGrane - Executive Council
(Doug Gossen and Mike Lewandowski are the out-going Council members.)

6. Dee made a call for volunteers for committee nominations and awards for the national HPS nominations.

Old Business

7. The Science Teacher Workshop at UW River Falls has been cancelled and the financial request of the NCC has been withdrawn.

8. Based upon market fluctuations since the last meeting it was decided at the Executive Council meeting to leave the Edward Jones account a money market account, rather than changing the investment strategy.

New Business

The proceedings of the Executive Council meeting of 10/26/00 were reviewed including:

9. Mike Lewandowski, Affiliate Coordinator, made recommendations for changing our Affiliate sponsorships and participation levels, both financially and technically.

10. The Affiliate Coordinator duties will be written out and placed in the Handbook.

11. The HPS 2010 objectives and plan overview was presented, with input from George Anastas.

12. A summary of the existing ad hoc committees and their activities for the year was presented by
Dee Kaiser. The Science Teacher Workshop Committee and Chapter Website Committee were discussed.

13. A new ad hoc committee, the Records Retention Committee was formed, to be chaired by Duane Hall, to look at NCC records and recommend a uniform plan for record retention and maintenance.

14. The Science Teachers Workshop Committee has been renamed the Science and Education Committee with duties expanded to encourage participation by the Chapter in regional science teacher meetings and conferences to allow networking with teachers.

15. The next Chapter Newsletter will advertise the MN Safety Council dinner of Safety and Health professional groups.

16. The Chapter Award was presented to members of the Science Teacher Award Committee consisting of Cynthia Horn, Irene Patrek, Kermit Paulson, and Doug Gossen.

17. Dick Vetter will be our Chapter representative at the Midyear HPS Meeting.

18. The Spring Meeting will be at Mayo Clinic.

19. Dee Kaiser gave the State of the Chapter address focussing on our Chapter's national and state activity, along with opportunities available and the common goals of the HPS. She proposed continuing to recognize outstanding Chapter members, with a Wissink Memorial Lecture Series as a possibility.

20. Pete Wildenborg passed the President's Award to Dee and the meeting adjourned.

New Members to the North Central Chapter
Anne Harri

The North Central Chapter of the Health Physics Society welcomes the following new members.

Chapter Website Located on HPS Website
Mike Lewandowski

The North Central Chapter has developed a web site! The URL for this web site is http://www.hps1.org/chapters/ncc/. This website contains information previously available to the membership only on paper including the Bylaws of the Chapter, Chapter officers, officer duties, and the list of affiliate members. This information is also available to the public and may become a resource for people interested in radiation protection. The membership directory is also available through the Chapter website, but access is password protected. Chapter members will receive their personal User ID and Password soon. The User ID is generated from the first two letters of your first name (as shown on the label) and the first 6 letters of your last name. Passwords are randomly generated alphanumeric variables. Please note that all User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive. It is important to make sure that you enter the information exactly as it is printed on the label. If you have trouble with your password (or forget it), please contact Mike Lewandowski at malewandowski@MMM.com or (651) 737-4452.

This web site is designed to be dynamic. Your input is needed. As time goes by and the skills of the Chapter members who will maintain this site progress, the site may become more sophisticated. Your suggestions (and patience) are important. Please send all suggestions or corrections to Mike Lewandowski, Jan Braun, Gary Yarrow, or a member of the Executive Council. The site was tested with Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer 5.0. Some problems have been identified with Netscape 6, but those differences appear to be in the way Netscape 6 translates the page. No simple solution exists at this time. Individual problems due to corporate software suites such as Lotus Notes may require local technical support. If you have questions, please contact Mike Lewandowski.

Missing Email Addresses
Anne Harri

As the Chapter prepares to go digital we do need correct e-mail addresses for everyone. Following is a list of the missing addresses that are not in the database. Please contact Anne Harri, Sec'y-Treasurer at 651-704-7471 or atharri@imation.com with your e-mail address or a correction to your address if it has changed since the last dues mailing. Check out the Chapter website at http://www.hps1.org/chapters/ncc/. For people without e-mail the newsletter will be made available by surface mail.

Don Barber Prescott, WI
Harold Borchert Lincoln, NE
George Borun San Diego, CA
Richard Farell Depere, WI
Jeanette Gaynor LaCrosse, WI
Timothy Lemond Fond du Lac, WI
Bruce Libey Duluth, MN
Ronald Pennebecker LaCrosse, WI
Robert Radtke Longmont, CO
James Stiver Middlebury, IN
Conrad Straub Columbia Heights, MN
Gaylord Twite New Braunfels, TX
Ed Watzl Big Stone City, MN
Ralph Wollan Mpls., MN

Members to be Dropped for Non-payment of Dues
Anne Harri

The following Chapter members will be dropped due to non-payment of dues. If you know or work with any of the individuals please ask if this is a mistake. Have them contact the Secretary-Treasurer either by mail or at atharri@imation.com. Thank you.

Abu Ahmed Oak Ridge, TN
Abdul Ben-Zikri Madison, WI
Duane Dahlberg Moorhead, MN
Bruce Denney Mpls., MN
Kenneth Edds Mpls., MN
Elaine Epstein Manitowoc, WI
Joel Felmlee Oronoco, MN
Joel Gray Rochester, MN
Susan Hagstrom  
Bruce Hokel Huxley, IA
Brent Jacquemart St. Paul, MN
Alvin Johnson Red Wing, MN
Jim Killingbeck Bismarck, ND
Kimberly Knight Milwaukee, WI
Catherine Knox Roseville, MN
Martha Kolb Mpls., MN
Wayne Landowski Boynton Beach, FL
Margaret Liss Madison, WI
Donald Loeffler Monticello, MN
Michael Lunsford Clearwater, MN
Anthony Michalak Lake Villa, IL
William Munyon Argonne, IL
Scott Northard Hastings, MN
Glenn Owens Chaska, MN
John Papiernak Two Rivers, WI
Russell Ritenour Mpls., MN
Mark Scott Madison, WI
Gary Secrist Welch, MN
Douglas Simpkin Milwaukee, WI
Rodney Stenroos Welch, MN
Earnest Tate Mpls., MN
Laurie Taylor Iowa City, IA
Kay Thiemann Pine Island, MN
Ben Vandre Milwaukee, MN
Larry Veleke Madison, WI
John Windschill Monticello, MN
Richard Wu Roseville, MN

Bits and Pieces from Sean Austin
Sean Austin austins@ors.od.nih.gov

The NRC final rule on Requirements for Certain Generally Licensed Industrial Devices Containing Byproduct Material has been loaded onto the RSO Section web site and may be viewed at http://www.hps1.org/sections/rso/ophpinfo.htm.

I have created a new page dedicated to generally licensed device information. It includes the two new documents e-mailed to me. Check out http://www.hps1.org/sections/rso/ophpinfo/genlicense.htm.

Please feel free to tell everyone about it and if anyone wants to improve it, please e-mail me.

Vicki Morris has been kind enough to send me an NRC letter which clarifies (I think) their position on the transport of RAM either by hand-carrying or other non-motorized forms of transport. The letter may be found at http://www.hps1.org/sections/rso/ophpinfo/shipping.htm. It is in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

If anyone else has any NRC letters that you feel represent a significant regulatory opinion on any health physics or radioactive materials topic, please send them to me or to a member of the RSO Section Web

Employment Opportunities

Scientific/Research Professional II & Scientific/Research Professional I

University of Oklahoma

Two positions. Details are at http://infoserv.ou.edu/, click on OU Employment Opportunities and then select VIEW NON-STUDENT JOBS.

The University of Oklahoma's Dept. of Risk Management and Safety Services announces the opening of a search for two positions. The first is for a Scientific/Research Professional II to serve as the manager of the environmental and radiation safety programs for the department on the Norman campus. Job responsibilities include overseeing operation, administration and performance of assigned specialty areas in environmental and radiological health and safety. The individual will develop and implement policies and procedures to insure the safety of personnel and facilities using radioactive, chemical and biological hazardous materials and devices that produce ionizing and nonionizing radiations. The individual will serve as the Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) for the University's Broad Scope License as well as provide expertise to assure compliance with federal and state environmental regulations. The individual will supervise the University's Environmental Safety Chemist and the University Health Physicist and supporting technical staff. Refer to Job No. 12019N at the web site for details. A resume and cover letter should accompany the application. A start date of spring/summer 2001 is anticipated. Specific
at 405-325-2981.

The second position in this department is for a Scientific/Research Professional I to serve as a health physicist for the broad license program on the Norman campus. Job responsibilities include providing the expertise necessary in the management of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices as related to their safe handling, transportation, storage and disposal. Knowledge/experience in environmental safety also a plus. The individual will report o Job No. 12020N at the web site for details. A resume and cover letter should accompany the application. A start date of spring 2001 is anticipated. Specific questions can be addressed to Paul Skierkowski, Radiation Safety Officer, at 405-325-0820;

OU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. We encourage women and minorities to apply.

Sr. Medical Health Physicist/Medical Health Physicist &
Health Physics Technologist/Health Physics Technologist Trainee

University of Pennsylvania Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Two positions. Any inquiries can be directed to:

Rob Forrest, CHP
Assoc. Director/Radiation Safety Officer
University of Pennsylvania
1412 Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 898-2109
Fax (215) 898-0140

Sr. Medical Health Physicist/Medical Health Physicist

Under a large, broad scope medical license, assist user groups in developing and conducting procedures for the safe use of radiation sources and radioactive materials; supervise technical staff conducting routine radiation safety program activities; survey new and existing facilities, audit compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements; assist with the preparation and amendment of applications for use of radioisotopes with an emphasis on clinical and human research use; conduct audits and surveys of medical and research energized equipment; maintain strong working knowledge of applicable regulations and standards.

Sr. MHP Qualifications: MA/MS in Health Physics or equivalent radiation related science with 7 years of experience or BA/BS in Health Physics or equivalent radiation related science with 10 years of experience. ABHP Certification Preferred. Experience with Academic/Medical radiation safety program required.

MHP Qualifications: MA/MS in Health Physics or equivalent radiation related science with 1 year of experience or BA/BS in Health Physics or equivalent radiation related science with 3 years of experience. Experience with Academic/Medical radiation safety program highly desirable.

Health Physics Technologist/Health Physics Technologist Trainee

Under a large, broad scope medical license, perform surveys with portable and laboratory instruments; audit laboratory records to ensure regulatory and license compliance; propose methods for removing contamination; calibrate instruments; maintain sampling and monitoring equipment; collect & process radioactive waste; perform compliance testing of energized equipment; respond to spills/incidents (24 hour on call) & answer questions by radiation workers; distribute radionuclides; perform other duties as needed to support radiation safety program; provide support to University's biosafety & chemical safety programs.

Tech Qualifications: BA/BS in science or equivalent; 1 to 2 years experience handling radioactive material and operating energized equipment preferred. HP Technology Certification or Board eligible; good computer and electronic skills; must be able to clearly communicate with a diverse cross-section of laboratory personnel; carry heavy materials/equipment (40-60 lbs.); must have valid driver's license. Tech trainee Qualifications: Associates Degree in science or equivalent; 1 to 2 years experience handling radioactive material and operating energized equipment preferred. good computer and electronic skills; must be able to clearly communicate with a diverse cross-section of laboratory personnel; carry heavy materials/equipment (40-60 lbs.); must have valid driver's license.

Radiation Safety Specialist (20CM2315), University of Cincinnati

Department of Radiation Safety. Perform day-to-day oversight of the Radiation Control and Safety Program. The program covers 3 licenses, including a medical broad scope license and 11 registrations. There are approximately 265 authorized users, 600 labs and 3000 radiation workers under the program. The specialist is assigned a specified part of the overall program to oversee/provide radiation safety assistance to users of radiation sources, audit authorized users of radioactive material and their labs for safe use and regulatory compliance, assign and review surveys performed and supervise response to radiological incidents; and conduct initial training/annual retraining sessions along with performing other duties assigned on a rotating basis. Other duties: Perform surveys of radiation generating equipment; supervise receipt of radioactive materials; manage radioactive waste disposal operations; perform ALARA investigations; perform leak tests of sealed sources; supervise calibration of instruments; perform bioassays; and other miscellaneous duties. Min. Quals.: Bachelor's in health physics or related field or equivalent exp. or bachelor's in life of physical science and 1 yr. related experience. Must pass a departmentally administered test and must be agile/dexterous. The ideal candidate will have skills in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word 2000 in a Windows environment. Resumes accepted until filled. Send resumes (noting control #) to: Office of Employment Services, University of Cincinnati, PO Box 0117, Cincinnati OH 45221-0117. AA/EOE

Assistant Radiation Safety Officer/Safety & Industrial Hygiene, Northern New Jersey

NATLSCO is a worldwide consulting firm providing safety, industrial hygiene and laboratory service to Fortune 500 clients. Currently we are seeking a Assistant Radiation Safety Officer/Safety & Industrial Hygiene Advisor to be domiciled in New Jersey and work on our client's safety and industrial hygiene team. In this role, you will be responsible for laboratory audits, radioactive waste management, administration of dosimetry program, writing of SOPs, user training, x-ray equipment surveys, assist Radiation Safety Officer with other NRC license compliance activities.

We require a BS degree in Health Physics, Safety & Industrial Hygiene, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics along with 1-3 years experience in Radiation Safety/Health Physics. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and good written and verbal communication skills are also necessary.
We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience and a full benefits package. Please submit resume to: NATLSCO, Attn: Tamara Hall, One Kemper Dr., D8, Long Grove, IL 60049-0001. Fax: (847)320-5624. An Equal Opportunity Employer m/f/h/v.

Associate Radiation Safety Officer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Health and Safety Office, Radiation Safety Section, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is seeking an Associate Radiation Safety Officer. The selected candidate will assist the RSO in the management of all aspects of the University's three radioactive material licenses and UNC Hospitals' three radioactive material licenses. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to coordination of UNC-CH's Collaborative Laboratory Inspection Program - (an inspection program that audits for hazards in radiation safety, laboratory safety, fire safety and chemical safety), analytical x-ray and research accelerator inspections, dosimetry and ALARA reviews, and training.

Minimum requirements include a Bachelor's Degree in a Health Physics or a Physical Science and four years progressive experience in Radiation Safety. M.S. in Health Physics or Radiological Hygiene preferred with two years of experience in Radiation Safety. Prior experience at a university/medical center is essential. Strong communication and customer service skills essential. Position requires rotational on-call duties. Salary range $32,659 - $51,436. For an application, phone (919) 962-2991 or apply at: Employment Department, Office of Human Resources, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, CB #1045, 725 Airport Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045; or applications are available on the University web site http://www.ais.unc.edu/hr/jobs/. For additional information, please contact Liz Carey, Radiation Safety Manager at (919) 962-5711.

Health Physicist, University of Maryland

The Radiation Safety Office in the Department of Environmental Safety at the University of Maryland, College Park seeks and experienced Health Physicist to support the Radiation Safety Program for the Campus. The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to operational radiation safety, radioactive material inventory tracking and maintenance, instrument calibration and maintenance, laboratory inspection, radioactive waste management, dosimetry and ALARA reviews, transportation packaging of radioactive material, inspection of X-ray and Accelerator devices, knowledge of state and federal regulations pertaining to radioactive material licenses, record keeping and computer skills, laser safety and knowledge or non-ionizing radiation.

Requirements: Possession of a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Biology, Physical Sciences, Health Physics, or Engineering and 4 or more years experience in programs involved with the regulation of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation sources, specifically radioactive material, radiation producing devices and lasers. An advanced degree and Health Physics certification preferred.

To Apply: Qualified Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 references by February 5, 2001 to: Dr. Zhongchi Liu, Ph.D. Chair Search Committee, C/O Ms. Jeanette Cartron, Department of Environmental Safety, 3115 Chesapeake Building, College Park, MD 20742

Medical Health Physicist, Danville, Pa

Geisinger Health System, Danville, Pa. is currently recruiting a Medical Health Physicist.

Geisinger holds an NRC and State specific license of broad scope and State registrations that cover two hospitals (Danville and Wilkes-Barre) and a network of clinics across the commonwealth with over 130 x-ray tubes, two radiation oncology programs with IVB and HDR, two nuclear medicine programs including coincidence imaging, a growing research facility, two irradiators, in-vitro clinical labs, approximately 40 lasers, and over 600 badge participants. A third hospital will open in late 2001.

We anticipate this position will be primarily involved with, but not limited to, x-ray machine performance evaluations, support to Nuclear Medicine, and related health physics activities to support the growing needs in the area of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology. Additional duties will include radiation patient management, inventory and leak testing, auditing, and other radiation protection activities to support the goals and objectives of the program.

Minimum qualifications are a B.S. degree in Medical/Health Physics, with a strong preference towards candidates with prior medical health physics experience. The position requires excellent customer service skills and attention to detail. Excellent written and oral communication skills are desired. The candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

Geisinger Health System offers competitive salary (salary range for this position $19.75-$27.25) and a full benefits package. This position will be located in Danville, Pa. with travel to off-site hospitals and clinics required.

To apply: Qualified candidates should submit by mail, e-mail, or fax a resume referencing position #01010923601PM with cover letter and references to:

Pamela Mauray, HR Generalist, Geisinger Health System, Dept. of Human Resources, 100 North Academy Avenue, Danville, Pa. 17822-1529 Fax: (570) 271-5060 E-mail to: pmauray@geisinger.edu. Applications will be accepted through January 26, 2001. E.O.E.M/F/H/V