Professional Development Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Expand and enhance the professionalism and benefits of Certification

  • Encourage and assist in the recognition and acceptance of Certification by others

Other Duties:

  • Propose and prepare Standards of Qualification and Practice (SQ/Ps)

  • Organize and coordinate the ABHP booth at winter and annual meetings

  • Review and recommend action on licensure and registration issues


  • mostly by email

  • group meeting typically at Annual HPS meeting

Member requirements:

  • Suggest activities to promote Certification

  • Assist in writing and reviewing Standards

Committee Members for 2017 (Term expires at the end of the year indicated)

Balwan Hooda, Chair ('17)
Brookhaven National Lab
30 Bell Ave, Bldg 490
Upton, NY 11973
(631) 344-8107
Click here for email


Dennis Clum ('18)
Jim Herrold ('18)
Scottie Walker ('19)
Jeff Kotsch ('18)
Allison Wilding ('18)