President's Message

Kyle Kleinhans


The past Academy Presidents are an impressive collection of CHPs. The Academy, Academy committees, the ABHP and the ABHP Panel of Examiners are likewise as impressive group. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Academy President in 2017. Your confidence and theirs' is humbling and I will strive to continue the tradition of excellence.

First, I would like to particularly welcome our 34 recently certified members, (link) and encourage existing CHPs to reach out to welcome these new members as well. Please invite our new members to become active in the Academy. They represent the future of our organization and our profession. To help us recognized new members I've requested that, beginning with the Annual Meeting this summer in Raleigh, those recently certified members have a "New CHP" ribbon attached to the bottom of their badges.

Unfortunately in the past year there were four instances of the misrepresentation as a CHP by individuals who either were never certified or whose certification had lapsed. We have addressed these issues and thereby helped maintain the integrity of our certification. This is an unfortunate but important responsibility of the Academy. If you are aware of any instances of misrepresentation, please let me know.

I am pleased to report that the Academy is in a strong financial position. Still, in keeping with my fiduciary responsibility to the Academy membership, the Academy leadership is investigating methods to reduce Academy expenses and increase income without an increase in maintenance fees or decrease in service to our members.

Also as President I will continue the good work begun by our previous President, Kent Lambert. Under President Lambert's direction, I chaired an ad hoc committee to update the Academy Bylaws. The proposed changes, routine administrative matters, will be sent to the membership for a vote along with your annual maintenance fees statement.

I will also follow President Lambert's precedent of holding additional Academy meeting via tele-conference as needed. This allows the Academy to respond to issues more efficiently.

Thanks to our liaisons to the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), Nora Nicholson and Kent Lambert, the re-accreditation of our certification process, which was previously only approved for 3 years, has been extended to the full five years to a term ending on 12/31/2020. We are investigating the Academy performing this accreditation rather than the CESB.

The American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP) has approved a new reciprocal agreement that a CHP who meets the education and professional clinical work experience requirements for certification by the ABMP in Medical Physics, may apply directly for Part III Oral examination in Health Physics.

The big adjustment this year for the Academy is the retirement of our beloved Executive Director, Nancy Johnson. She will be greatly missed, particularly by me in Raleigh. Nancy has been the consummate professional always willing to help everyone from new candidates to members of the Academy leadership. I look forward to working with our new Program Director, Amy Wride-Graney. I hope Nancy has a wonderful retirement!

Lastly, I encourage all CHPs to be members of the HPS. Remember, it was an HPS committee that recommended that the ABHP be established to establish a process for certification of Health Physicists. The HPS Board of Directors appointed a temporary ABHP in 1958 followed by the establishment of the Academy in 1982. Unfortunately by my estimate there are several hundred CHPs that are not current members of the HPS. If you are not an HPS member, both the HPS and I are interested in learning why you've chosen to not maintain your membership. I would like to help the HPS become more responsive to the needs of CHPs.

Your thoughts on issues before the Academy Leadership and your suggestions to improve the Academy are important to our mutual success. Please don't hesitate to contact me at

Kyle Kleinhans, CHP
President, American Academy of Health Physics